We are open to unconventional technical, economic and organizational solutions. We put emphasis on comprehensive vocational preparation of our employees as well as independence and flexibility of activities.

Innovative construction -
safety, comfort and coziness

Our mission is to provide professional services in the scope of innovative construction.
We carry out our projects in an unconventional way with cutting-edge standards.

Our innovations impact primarily ecology and environmental protection.

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we are accredited by the Internal Security Agency
with the teleinformatic system, to
process classified information
1 458
length of designed roads
EUR 330
value of investments
553 235
of designed buildings

We are the precursor on the PropTech market,
offering above-average solutions in the construction sector

Proptech is, in short, real estate technology, implementing modern solutions in the construction industry and the real estate market. Until now, the company has carried out orders mainly for public institutions, concerning, inter alia, intelligent building and infrastructure management.

investment supervision
and construction works

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Eco5tech delivers a wide range of services in the PropTech sector.

Innovative solutions and business models, on which we work, make possible effective management of buildings and cost optimization, increasing tenant safety and satisfaction.

Thanks to the use of energy saving technologies, our activities also have a positive impact on environmental protection.

Public administration
and armed forces
Basing on our know-how and many years of experience we ensure the highest standard of project realization. Additionally we constantly cooperate with academic personnel using their scientific support in order to successfully complete even the most challenging tasks. We efficiently combine professionalism and high standards of our service.
Alicja Gackowska
President of the board

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Our main goal is to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, increasing the value of our company.

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