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Project documentation

Our company prepares comprehensive project documentation and estimates regarding road construction, service and commercial construction, industrial construction, construction of public buildings, residential construction, and adaptation of historical structures.

From the beginning of our operation we have been cooperating with many customers, including well-known architecture and design studios from all over Poland, as well as direct investors from both the state-budget sector and the private sector.

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complexity in services

Employing and cooperating on a regular basis with experienced designers and specialists in all sectors, our company performs multi-utility projects, ensuring complexity of documentation along with all necessary permits. Our projects are carried out in accordance with all requirements and regulations that are currently in force.

In the scope of project documentation, our offer includes:

Comprehensive preparation of multi-utility project documentation along with obtaining of all necessary permits and arrangements,
Author’s supervision during implementation of investment project,
Studies related to reduction of heat loss, facade repair and upgrading the thermal insulation of a building,
Technical consultations and advice.
Professional management and supervision over investment project is the key for its performance within a budget and on time, ensuring the top quality.
Marcin Jankowski
Manager of the Project Management Department

Why us?

Our rich experience has led us to develop our own methods of project management allowing us to realize projects effectively and on time.

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Work scope

We develop project and estimate documentation regarding

Commercial construction
Industrial construction
Infrastructure projects
Construction of public buildings
Residential construction
Adaptation of historical structures
We do everything to make sure that cooperation with us facilitates the project implementation process, since working with people is important to us.
Anna Kamionka
Project Manager

For whom?

Public investors

We perform projects in the public sector, including local governments, state administration units and judicial bodies. We place a strong emphasis on contracts performed based on the Public Procurement Law.

Military/defensive institutions

We have performed many projects for military units, thanks to which we have gained extensive experience in this demanding field. We participate in public tenders related to access to confidential information. We can take part in this tenders as bidders thanks to accreditation of teleinformatic system processing confidential information, issued by the Internal Security Agency.


We have an innovative approach to construction on developer market. We implement new technologies facilitating for users and guests functioning in facilities. We place a strong emphasis on ecological solutions, in particular those regarding optimization of energy consumption.

Private investors

We use an individual approach to every customer, adjusting proposed solution to their needs and expectations. We carry out multibranch projects, ensuring complexity of prepared documentation along with all arrangements that are required.

In our operation strategy we focus on development of entrepreneurship and meet expectations of the market. Thanks to our experience and innovative solutions that we implement, we try to meet the most demanding expectations and needs of every customer. We are not afraid of challenges; therefore, we are open to new orders and cooperation with new customers on the most complex projects.

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Our main goal is to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, increasing the value of our company.

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