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We are listed on the NewConnect market

On January 7, 2022 the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange adopted a resolution setting January 14, 2022 as the day of the first listing of Eco5tech shares in the alternative trading system on the NewConnect market. Thereupon, we obtained the status of a public company.

We grow at a fast pace, getting involved in continuous works on innovative solutions in the scope of energy efficiency and cost optimization in the PROPTECH sector. We specialize in solutions distinguished by quality and reliability, addressed primarily to real estate market and construction industry.

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We are involved in projects with different levels of complexity, expanding our offer by new solutions.

We implement to our offer innovative recording devices, sharing measuring data, blending in functionality of the PropTech market. Recording device will not only help in analysis of energy efficiency of the building, but also will effectively and in a simple way contribute to reduction of energy consumption of the building by proper control of exterior installations.

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We also work on development of other projects, which are aimed at support of ecological use of energy on the real estate market and in the scope of production activity – central unit of optimization system of energy consumption and operation costs of production machinery.

In addition, we carry out works on an undertaking that is focused on designing buildings along with a system analyzing the current state of epidemiological risk.

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Our main goal is to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, increasing the value of our company.

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