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Property technology

Eco5tech delivers a wide range of services in the PropTech sector. Innovative solutions and business models, on which we work, make possible effective management of buildings and cost optimization, increasing tenant safety and satisfaction. Thanks to the use of energy saving technologies, our activities also have a positive impact on environmental protection.

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We are the precursor on the PropTech market, offering above-average solutions in the construction sector

Diversified operations and the use of innovations allow us to provide to Customers service that is adjusted to their needs. Our partners cooperating with the company appreciate the high effectiveness of works conducted by us, quick investment project delivery time, lower labor intensity and reduced labor costs.

PropTech is an innovative trend in the real estate development industry, which has for years been gaining in importance, whereas the pandemic and related restrictions have additionally accelerated the pace of this trend. Eko5tech activities blend in Proptech, thus at every stage of our work we strive to optimize processes with the use of advanced technologies.

Our goal is professional consulting and identifying the actual customer needs – only this method of work guarantees long-term satisfaction.

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Proptech is one of incredibly dynamically growing businesses. The technology should make the use of buildings easier, more comfortable and safer to users. Benefits of using Proptech, such as comfort and effectiveness, are perceptible by both employees and employers thank to integrated systems and building management or installations.

Device that records and shares data with operational functions and the possibility of autonomous control

  • Energy saving analysis of the buildings
  • Obtaining accurate and current information on energy efficiency of a facility
  • Impact on reduction of energy consumption of a facility by proper control of exterior installations

Central unit of optimization system of production machine energy consumption and operation cost

  • Reduction of energy intensity in both buildings and production lines
  • Optimal energy and production plan management

We are a member of the PropTech Foundation Poland, which associates real estate businesses, consulting companies and organizations as well as entities representing the sector of technology and media, providing networking, support and education.

We use an individual approach to every project. Our consulting is comprehensive and adjusted to financial possibilities of a specific enterprise.

It involves:

  • Pre-implementation analyses.
  • System audits with the support of IT experts, in order to offer the most optimal solutions for customer needs.
  • Assistance in planning expenses related to implementation of technologies

Why us?

We are growing intensively in PROPTECH developing innovative systems of building management. Collaboration with the academic and scientific environment supports us in idea realization up to the highest standards.

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Propotech is the key to revolution in the construction sector, a huge step forward in terms of productivity and effectiveness.
Alicja Gackowska
President of the Board
Requirements regarding buildings significantly differ from those that were in effect several years ago – these days, they have to be intelligent, ecological and multifunctional.
Piotr Piątek
Chief Operating Officer

For whom?

Public investors

We offer solutions that are used in all types of public buildings, designed for public administration, judicial system, culture, education system, science, healthcare, social services, bank service and passenger service in rail and air transport. Our innovative solutions for construction are addressed to all entities involved in performance of public investments in this area, which focus in particular on ensuring comfort and safety to users as well as reduction of cost of operation and energy consumption.

Military institutions

We have carried out many projects for military bases; therefore, we have a broader look at the use of advanced technologies in military facilities.


We can be distinguished by an innovative approach to construction on developer market. Our company implements new technologies facilitating to users and guests functioning in buildings. Our solutions can serve as an added value for investments with the use of an implemented technological component. We place a strong emphasis on ecological solutions, in particular those regarding optimization of energy consumption.

Private investors

We use an individual approach to every customer, adjusting proposed solution to their needs and expectations. Our products anticipate the possibilities for expansion and adjustment of function depending on requirements and end use. We focus on innovative solutions that offer effective building management, cost optimization, improved safety and user satisfaction.

In our operation strategy we focus on development of entrepreneurship and meet expectations of the market. Thanks to our experience and innovative solutions that we implement, we try to meet the most demanding expectations and needs of every customer. We are not afraid of challenges; therefore, we are open to new orders and cooperation with new customers on the most complex projects.

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Our main goal is to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, increasing the value of our company.

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