Eco5tech has undertaken cooperation with the Proptech Foundation

Eco5tech SA has become a member of the prestigious Proptech Foundation – an organization dealing with digital transformation of commercial real estate.

Proptech Foundation connects representatives of the Real Estate industry: consulting companies, developers, construction companies, owners, as well as start-ups, investors, cities, local governments and academic communities. We are entering into cooperation to actively get involved in community activities in promoting the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions, products and services in our industry, but also in order to effectively develop our products and respond to the needs of our customers owing to the cooperation with market leaders.

PropTech Foundation is an entity  specialized in the field, focused on the digital transformation of commercial real estate with the use of the most recent technologies and the support of the top-notch partners. It cooperates with leaders and pioneers creating the largest local, regional and global network of organizations  oriented to Proptech. It analyzes the digital trends that have the greatest impact on the commercial real estate industry and facilitates the process of transforming observations into valuable products and services.

Cooperation with Proptech Foundation will create the possibility of an active development of our flagship solutions and will contribute to their faster commercialization, the increase of the internal value and the competitive advantage of Eco5tech.

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