Eco5tech heading for stock market

At the turn of the third and fourth quarter this year we are going to enter the New Connect market. As far as we would like to complete our original projects of proptech, we decided to continue our growth through the stock market. It is a part of digital transformation in the construction business regarding technology and customer behavior.

The company strategy sets up development both in current activity and using innovative tools of Proptech. It allows application of new IT solutions to the construction and real estate market.

Recent projects refer to energy saving and intelligent building management. We would like to acquire capital for a multifunctional measuring device Proptech and further research with a testing process. The device will analyze the energy saving process collecting detailed data and reduce energy use of the building.

We are also developing a concept of an innovative system against epidemics. It includes disinfection, air exchange and access limitation for certain people in the building.

We are now sending documents to the Stock Market in Warsaw and we find it the perfect moment to enter the New Connect, because of a great demand for our service in the market.

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Our main goal is to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, increasing the value of our company.

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