Eco5tech in the next stage of the Proptech Festival 2021

Eco5tech has been qualified to the next level of a prestigious Proptech Festival 2021 Contest. Our competitive original project is a building management system for non-residential buildings with facilities analyzing epidemic danger. The most popular projects will be presented live at Property Forum 2021.

The project is an analytical system with an element of artificial intelligence capable of processing data epidemically sensitive in real time. Up-to-date parameters of the building and people are collected by a data concentrator and presented by a selected receiver. The system gathers information such as: frequency of air exchange, number of people per one square meter and air quality. It uses video cameras measuring body temperature and monitors disinfection of certain rooms and areas.

Our project perfectly responds to the current global situation. The data concentrator gathers information and continuously presents it showing any potential danger and alerts when limits are crossed.

The system can be used in public or office buildings with greater danger of viral infection. Those may be non-residential buildings, service points, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, railway stations or airports. It will register any data sensitive regarding epidemiological danger and provide instructions for design of any building of the kind.

The system allows modifications and customization in order to satisfy customer needs. It enables effective management, cost optimization, increased safety and customer satisfaction by innovative solutions.

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