Eco5tech signed a contract with the Mazovian Regional Roads Authority

Eco5tech, after winning the tender, signed a contract with the Mazovian Regional Roads Authority on preparation of detailed documentation regarding reconstruction of a section of a regional road in Mazovia. The signed contract applies to the road DW632.  The gross value of the contract amounts to Zl 890,000, and the project implementation time is 37 months. 

The scope of the contract regarding road reconstruction includes preparation of detailed documentation concerning design and costs, along with receiving all decisions on environmental conditions, Water Law Act license, and a permit to perform road investment project. The works on regional road regarding reconstruction of the road DW632 (the road connecting Marki, situated in the Warsaw urban area with Płońsk) concern a section in Nieporęt Commune, from the village of Józefów to the village of Rembelszczyzna.

The main challenge facing Eco5tech is to guarantee to potential users safe and solid routes thanks to the use of advanced lighting solutions for frequently used

Another contract regarding preparation of detailed documentation is very important for the Company due to the fact of continual activities focused on development of Eco5tech. Our experience and position on the market contributes to awarding an increasing number of prestigious contracts to us. We do hope that we have an impact on development of road infrastructure in our country, and the final results of our works will be seen in the coming months.

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