Eco5tech designs cycling paths in Cracow

Eco5tech SA is engaged in new cycling paths design in Cracow. We have signed five contracts worth about 1,2 million zł with a deadline of completion in sixteen months from now.

The contract also covers project documentation and winning proper administrative decisions. Our aim is to provide safe and comfortable cycling paths to the local community.

“Nowadays, the cycling path system is very important for every modern European metropoly. It is a significant element of the city. The task is appreciation of our skills and experience and shows trust in our competencies. Our solutions improve the comfort of cyclists in Cracow. Innovative solutions and cost optimization in Proptech bring great effects in daily use of paths in the capital of Małopolska.“ – said Alicja Gackowska, General Manager of Eco5tech.

The cycling paths will be located along streets: Nawojki, Walerego, Jancarza, Powstańców Śląskich, Powstańców Wielkopolskich, Wielicka among others. Teletechnical solutions used will improve safety and comfort of cyclists and relieve traffic congestion on streets and pavements.

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