Expressway S-7 civil engineering structures

contract subject

Preparation of project documentation for the Construction Project, Design-Construction Documentation, Bill of Quantities, and As-Built Documentation regarding construction of civil engineering structures on the S7 expressway.

Infrastructure construction
gross contract value
553 500 zł

works advancement status

Done, on time
The project has not yet been undertake


The project included preparation of design documentation for construction of a two-lane expressway along with civil engineering structures and accompanying infrastructure in the field of bridge engineering. The investment project will involve construction of expressway with approx. 18.3 km in length with four road junctions (Łuczyce, Raciborowice, Mistrzejowice, Grębałów). It also includes construction of civil engineering structures, access and technological roads, retaining walls, emergency passages and emergency access roads to expressway. Reconstruction will involve the existing civil engineering structures, the system of roads (exits, streets), streetcar and railroad infrastructure, drainage system and facilities. Sidewalks for pedestrians, biking trails, street lighting and technical infrastructure will be built or reconstructed.

The project also anticipates construction of environmental protection facilities , including stretches of green areas serving as buffer zones, noise barriers and anti-glare shields, culverts and ecological passages along with a protection system guiding and discharging stormwater runoff.

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