Lipinki Łużyckie – Żary

contract subject

Preparation of project documentation for “Expansion of the main road no. 12 at the Lipinki Łużyckie – Żary section.

Infrastructure construction
gross contract value
1 119 587,21 zł

works advancement status

The project is underway
The project has not yet been undertaken


The purpose of the investment project is improvement of road traffic safety through widening of roadway to the width of 8,0 m, elimination of dangerous sites, construction of bus pullouts, pedestrian areas, traffic calming in nearby locations and traffic calming islands.

At the road section in question, the GP class road standard will be restored by adjustment to load carrying capacity of 11.5 tons/axel. This road will meet the conditions regarding the defensive needs of the Polish State. In addition, expansion of the national road no. 12 will lead to better organization of traffic for all traffic participants – drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, improving also aesthetic values of the area. The project required preparation of a complex document, which is assessment of environmental impact of the project on the environment. During the design works, it was necessary to receive a permit for deviations from technical and construction regulations regarding minimum distances between intersections in built-up areas and outside them, the width of roadway on circular arcs, location of public driveway in the intersection impact area and distances of pedestrian crossings from traffic lights from the intersection.

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