Maksymilianowo - Kościerzyna

contract subject

Preparation of project documentation regarding road and sanitary issues for performance of works at the Maksymilianowo – Kościerzyna section of the railroad line no. 201 along with author’s supervision” within the project “Works on an alternative transport route Bydgoszcz – Tri-City.

Infrastructure contruction
gross contract value
1 205 400 zł

works advancement status

The project is underway
The project has not yet been undertaken


The purpose of the project is adjustment of railroad infrastructure to the actual needs of carriers and partners as well as forecast directions for development, improvement of commercial speed and punctuality of passenger transport service, and increased availability of railroad transport. The railroad line no. 131, at the designed section – Maksymilianowo Railway Station – from km 377.600 to km 382.404 is a line of national importance, in AGTC contract, double-track, electrified. The Maksymilianowo – Kościerzyna section of the railroad line no. 201 is within the scope of the order, located in Pomorskie Voivodeship, in Kościerzyna, Chojnice and Starogard Gdański Counties and in Kujawsko – Pomorskie Voivodeship in Bydgoszcz, Świecie and Tuchola Counties. The scope of the project carried out by the Company includes sanitary and road infrastructure as well as preparation of statement of water management conditions.

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