Military facility in Łomża

contract subject

Preparation of investment project program and design-construction documentation along with estimates in the military base of Łomża – construction of a multi-sector warehouse with accompanying infrastructure.

Public and military constructions
gross contract value
785 600 zł

works advancement status

Done, on time
The project has not yet been undertaken


Preparation of documentation was related to access to confidential information with the RESTRICTED clause. The purpose of the investment project is construction of a facility for the needs of warehousing and storage of military property necessary to secure proper functioning of military units deployed in the base. The building will feature work and service stations for soldiers and employees. Due to the warehousing function, the projects assumes possibility of electric pallet stacker operation. Vertical transport will be ensured by the use of two cargo and passenger indoor elevators. Considering differences in elevation on the site of investment project, an exterior elevator was used as well. Some rooms have to be designed in the way that corresponds with the military requirements of special care. The project was related to obtaining a very complex permit from the Regional Historic Preservation Officer for conducting of construction works in the surrounding of a historic site listed in the register of historic landmarks. Taking into consideration a collision between the neighboring facilities within the project, the design anticipates demolition of fuel distributors as well as digging up & removing of fuel tanks.


Use of advanced technological solutions having an impact on optimization of work of installations in the building

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