Military facility in Lublin

contract subject

Service consisting of adaptation and preparation of project documentation and estimates for construction of two buildings for the military staff and service personnel along with accompanying infrastructure in the military base on Herberta Street in Lublin, including author’s supervision during performance of construction works.

Public and military constructions
gross contract value
1 217 700 zł

works advancement status

Done, on time
The project has not yet been undertaken


Preparation of documentation was related to access to confidential information with the RESTRICTED clause. The investment undertaking assumes construction of two buildings for the staff and barracks as well as external infrastructure, consisting of outside mains and sanitary hookups (water mains, heating network, sewers and stormwater drainage system), medium and low voltage grid, connections to power lines, transformer station, power generator, telecommunication ducts and small architecture on the premises of the Military Base. The designed buildings along with built-in installations and technical equipment will be used to secure the needs related to accommodating soldiers assigned to the base in question, resulting from performance of tasks concerning functioning of the military unit..


Use of advanced technological solutions having an impact on optimization of work of installations in the building.

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